Tutorial: FHIR RDF as a Bridge to the Semantic Web in Healthcare

Authors: Harold Solbrig, David Booth, Gopikrishnan Chandrasekharan

This is a tutorial that is based on the webinar by Harold Solbrig on  “FHIR RDF as a Bridge to the Semantic Web in Healthcare”.  It shows how FHIR RDF medical records using SNOMED-CT codes can be processed by a reasoner to identify diagnoses that were not directly coded.

Two examples are demonstrated: a FHIR DiagnosticReport for malignant neoplasm is inferred to be an instance of CancerDiagnosis; and a report of a thyroid tumor is inferred to be a thyroid disease diagnosis.

The main body of the tutorial is on GitHub.

A 90-second video shows a quick run-through of the steps in the tutorial