drugdocs: Using RDF to produce one coherent, definitive dataset about drugs – Part 3 of Yosemite Series

steering-conor-dowling-square_100Conor Dowling
CTO of Caregraf

Recorded August 6, 2015
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There are too many datasets about drugs, with many authorities publishing overlapping sets of facts on different schedules and in many different formats. Despite this variety, by leveraging RDF and the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS), drugdocs deliver a coherent description of drugs currently marketed in the United States.

About the Speaker

Conor Dowling is CTO of Caregraf, which uses Semantic Web technologies to help health-care providers gather and analyze the information they create during the course of a patient’s care. He is a specialist in clinical-data analytics with a focus on how the definition of clinical know-how and institutions shapes the description of patient care.