Pistoia Alliance Ontologies Mapping Project – Part 7 of Yosemite Series

Ian D Harrowian-harrow
Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance
Director and Principal Consultant for Ian Harrow Consulting

Recorded: Nov.12, 2015
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The Pistoia Alliance is a precompetitive, not-for-profit, international organisation which has set up the Ontologies Mapping project. This project is developing an ontologies mapping tool and sustainable mapping service which will be facilitated by best practise guidelines for ontology management in the Life Sciences. The Pistoia Alliance and the Ontologies Mapping project will be described in this presentation.

About the Speaker

Ian D Harrow is a Project Manager working for the Pistoia Alliance. He is also Director and Principal Consultant for Ian Harrow Consulting. He delivers expert Project Management, Bioinformatics and Text Mining services to real world problems. He participates in consortia such as Open PHACTS (now Foundation), GA4GH (Metadata) and BioExcel (Horizon 2020). He has over 30 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry and obtained a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK.