FHIR RDF as a Bridge to the Semantic Web in Healthcare

haroldsolbrig-120Harold R. Solbrig
Mayo Clinic

Recorded: Thursday October 12, 2017
Watch now: https://youtu.be/21-dkynEYWk
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The FHIR specification now includes a representation of FHIR resources in RDF — FHIR RDF.  FHIR RDF represents a significant milestone towards the realization of the Semantic Web for Healthcare, as described by the Yosemite Project.  This webinar will show how FHIR RDF data, along with SNOMED CT and other vocabularies, can be used in a Description Logic (DL) reasoner.  A simple example will show how to recognize a diagnosis of cancer (malignant neoplastic disease).

About the Speaker

Harold R. Solbrig has been involved in medical computing since the early 1970s. Over the past two decades his emphasis has been on the role of formal semantics in data interoperability with a focus on clinical terminology, and terminology and data binding. Mr. Solbrig joined Mayo Clinic in 1999 and is currently working on the representation and implementation of data semantics through the use of constraint modeling and RDF.